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About CBMC

CBMC stands for Christian Business Men’s Connection.  Our purpose is to reach a businessman right where he is, to help him become the man that God designed him to be (Matt. 28:18-20).

Events & Weekly Bible Study Groups

We invite you to attend one of our many Events throughout the year to see what we are about, including outreach events, golf tournaments, prayer breakfasts, date nights with our wives, fantastic family events and extraordinary Christian coaching.

CBMC Forums

CBMC Forums is truly a light in the workplace.  A Forums team is a unique environment in that it is made up of a handful of business executives and a trained CBMC moderator.  These are small closed gatherings so that individuals can build trust in one another, knowing that what they share will truly be held in the strictest of confidence as they discuss both life and business issues.

One-on-One Discipleship – Operation Timothy

If you are looking to develop a deeper understanding of God, we encourage you to enter into a one-on-one discipleship series called Operation Timothy with another man.  This is an investigative Bible study used by the men of CBMC for more than 40 years to make disciples just as Jesus commanded.  The name Operation Timothy comes from the relationship the Apostle Paul had with a young man named Timothy.  Just as Paul took Timothy “under his wing” and invested his life into him while teaching him spiritual truths, so we in CBMC help others grow spiritually within the context of this relationship.


Membership is open to men who have committed their life to Christ, and are interested in discipling other men and reaching businessmen for Christ.  If you have prayerfully considered this, we encourage you to sign up for CBMC membership today.

Monday Manna

Sign up for CBMC’s weekly devotional Monday Manna – http://www.cbmcint.com/category/monday-manna/

To learn more about CBMC, please Contact Us, or visit our other websites:

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